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Weekly News 14/03 - 20/03

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-(News.au.com 20/03) Chinese coast guard intervenes as Indonesia arrests illegal fishermen; -(TheGuardian 20/03) Indonesia summons Chinese ambassador as fishing dispute escalates.

-(BusinessInsider 20/03) These images might just be the clearest signs of China's expansion in the disputed South China Sea: These pursuits have put China at odds with Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and large sections of the international community including the US.

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Weekly News 07/03 - 13/03

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-(JapanTimes 11/03)  Amid South China Sea spat, Japan foreign aid white paper stresses importance of sea lanes, the paper also listed strengthening the rule of law, maritime security, cybersecurity and peace-building measures, among others, as ways of boosting Japan’s ties with Southeast Asia.

-(The Diplomat 11/03) How Chinese Analysts Understand Taiwan’s Geostrategic Significance: As the world fixates on the South China Sea, Chinese describe Taiwan as the regional key.

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Weekly News 29/02 - 06/03

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 -(UPI 03/03) Philippines borrowing planes from Japan to patrol South China Sea: Five surplus TC-90 training planes are expecting to join the Philippine Navy

-(Washingtonpost 03/03) Navy aircraft carrier group moves into contested South China SeaNavy Cmdr. Clay Doss, a spokesman for U.S. Pacific Fleet said the carrier is carrying out a routine patrol of the South China Sea, where China has in recent weeks moved Chinese fighter jets, military radar and surface-to-air missiles. The Navy will continue to appear in the South China Sea regularly.

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Weekly News 22/02 - 28/02

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-(Inquirer 26/02) Candidates must state position on S. China Sea—Carpio: Whether they stay the legal course or surrender sovereignty and agree to a joint development with China in the disputed South China Sea?

-(Japantimes 26/02) Draw a line in the South China Sea: More countries should be sending the same message to China, making clear to Beijing that its intrusions into international waters and its unilateral attempts to rewrite the status quo will not be tolerated

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Weekly News 15/02 - 21/02

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-(The Guardian 21/02) Julie Bishop says missile launchers shouldn't deter flights, commercial flights should continue as normal because of China’s undertaking not to militarise despite the ‘risk of miscalculation’

-(Reuters 21/02) Paracels build-up a pointer to China's broader South China Sea ambitions: Beijing's moves in the Paracels will likely be replicated on its man-made islands in the more contentious Spratly archipelago, that would give Beijing the reach to try to enforce any effective air defense zone in the South China Sea

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Weekly News 02/01 - 07/01

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-(The Epochtimes 04/02) China and Russia Developing Weapons for Use in Rapid War, Says US Defense Secretary; (National Interest 03/02) America Reveals 'Great Power' Plans Against Russia and China

-(The Diplomat 04/02) 'Nearly All' Australian Patrols in South China Sea Are Challenged by China: Australia’s air force chief said more and more Australian patrol flights were being warned away by China.

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Weekly News 18/01 - 24/01

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-(WSJ 25.01) John Kerry in Asia to Press China on North Korea Nuclear Test, South China Sea; (Reuters 24.01) Urging ASEAN unity over South China Sea

-(NDTV 24/01) Countries Should Play By Same Rules In South China Sea: the U.S. President Barack Obama also said India and US will continue to expand their military exercises and maritime cooperation.

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Weekly News 11/01 - 17/01

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-(Asia Nikkei 17/01) Abe rips G-2, says China's maritime moves 'cannot be tolerated', and the international community should raise its voice against this

-(Reuters 17/01) South China Sea? For Beijing, Taiwan is the No. 1 security issue: After 8 years of calm in what had been one of Asia's powder kegs, the landslide election of an independence-leaning opposition leader has thrust Taiwan back into the spotlight as one of the region's most sensitive security issues.

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Weekly News 04/01 - 10/01

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-(Deccanchronicle 10/01) Australia says no plan to stop surveillance flights over South China Sea: Payne said Canberra would not be deterred by warnings from Beijing.

-(Inquirer 10/01) Anxiety over power play in South China Sea: Analysts see the commissioning of the Fiery Cross airstrip as just the beginning of an effort by Beijing to consolidate its hold.

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