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Weekly News 13/11-19/11

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-(Strait Times 16/11) Asean calls for 'non-militarisation' of SCS: A statement released on Thursday (Nov 16) by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as Asean chair "emphasised the importance of non-militarisation".

-(Reuters 16/11) China, Philippines agree to avoid force in SCS, according to a joint statement issued on Thursday by China at the end of a visit to Manila by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

-(SCMP 15/11) Why Shinzo Abe stopped prodding Beijing on the SCS: A mutual threat is drawing the two countries closer, improving prospects for three-way talks with South Korea.

-(Washington Times 15/11) Using science diplomacy in the SCS: Although the U.S. is not a signatory to UNCLOS, Washington can recommend that sovereignty claims be set aside in treaties implementing freezes on claims and claim-supportive activities.

-(PhilStar 14/11) ASEAN, China agree to start talks on South China Sea code: The start of the talks was announced three months after the framework agreement, or outline, on the COC was concluded.

-(Reuters 13/11) Southeast Asia not taking South China Sea thaw for granted, according to a draft of the statement to be issued after a meeting of Southeast Asian leaders. 

-(Channel NewsAsia 12/11) Trump offers to mediate in SCS dispute: U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he was prepared to mediate between claimants to the South China Sea, which include Vietnam and China.

-(Reuters 12/11) Vietnam, China avoid quarrel over SCS during visit: Chinese president had told the Vietnamese leader he wanted to work with Southeast Asian nations on a code of conduct in the sea.

DaChim.jpg-(VOV 11/11) Vietnam, US issue Joint Statement: The two leaders underscored the strategic importance to the international community of free and open access to the South China Sea.


-(Reuters 11/11) China will work to safeguard South China Sea peace: President Xi Jinping said on Saturday in a meeting with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

-(Time 11/11) Trump's APEC speech holds few answers for regional allies: U.S. president Donald Trump announced his “Indo-Pacific Dream” at the 21-member APEC summit in Vietnam.

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