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Weekly News 29/08/ - 04/09

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-(Lowyinterpreter 01/09) Vietnam and Singapore: Working together to keep ASEAN relevant, both countries are displeased with China’s active attempts to undermine ASEAN’s multilateralism.

-(Nikkei 01/09) Never mind territorial spats -- ASEAN's priorities are economic: This is why the AEC is important. The bedrock of ASEAN's relevance and centrality must be economic; (Nikkei 01/09) Building a better bloc requires a stronger nerve center

-(Todayonline 01/09) Will Asia-Pacific tensions lead to conflict? Short of new rules and institutions that can govern a new Asia-Pacific, the regional states will likely be heading towards dangerous outcomes that used to be unthinkable not so long ago.

-(DNAindia 31/08) China needs to give up its dogged intransigence on South China Sea for its own good, as it may well lead to the bandwagoning of nations under the US auspices locked in an adversarial relationship with it.

-(GMAnetwork 31/09) China, ASEAN eye Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea: The two agreements, emergency diplomatic hotline and CUES, among the most important outcomes expected from the annual ASEAN summit meetings in Laos next week; -(Straitstimes 01/09) Asean needs frank dialogue on South China Sea issue

-(Reuters 31/08) Japan's military seeks record spending to counter North Korea, China moves: If approved, the hike of 2.3 percent will take the defense budget to 5.17 trillion yen ($51.47 billion) in the year starting April 1; (RT 31/08) Japan wants British weaponry for South China Sea standoff

-(Inquirer 31/08) US one with allies in upholding rights over South China Sea: Kerry called on China and the Philippines to abide by the arbitration tribunal’s recent decision, saying “there is no military solution” to the dispute.

-(Thediplomat 31/08) Russia to Send Anti-Submarine Warfare Destroyers to South China Sea: China and Russia will hold a joint naval drill in the South China Sea in September.

-(Straitstimes 31/08) Tribunal ruling will affect many other states' claims: it is essential that all States Parties respect and follow the decisions of courts and tribunals interpreting its provisions, even though the decisions are legally binding only on the parties to the case.-(Ibtimes 30/08) East China Sea tension flares up between China and Japan ahead of G20 summit: The heightened stress over maritime disputes could cloud the upcoming summit, experts say

-(BCC 30/08) Pacific grim: Australia torn between US and China: Australia has two China narratives: the economic one, which saw two-way trade increase ten-fold between 2002 and 2012, and the national security narrative.

-(APH 30/08) Australia and the South China Sea: debates and dilemmas: Intensifying disputes in the South China Sea present an acute challenge to Australia’s key interests and relationships in the Indo-Pacific.

-(Nationalgeographic 30/08) Critical Reefs Destroyed in Poachers' Quest for World's Biggest Clams: China’s ambitions are leading to environmental destruction in one of the world’s most biodiverse regions.-(Nationalgeographic 30/08) One of the World's Biggest Fisheries Is on the Verge of Collapse. Major disputes in the South China Sea are putting critical habitat—and the food supply of millions—at risk.

-(Channelnewsasia 30/08) Vietnam says all will lose in any South China Sea war: Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang told a forum that recent developments there were threatening regional security; – (straitstimes 30/08) Asean solidarity essential to a peaceful, prosperous Asia Pacific

-(Reuters 30/08) Philippines says China must recognize South China Sea ruling. China will be the "loser" if it does not recognize the ruling.

-(IPCS 29/08) China-India: Beijing's Intransigence over the South China Sea: Several postures emanating from the PRC clearly and deliberately aim at interfering with Indian interests in the affected region.

-(Forbes 29/08) Philippines Supreme Court Justice Seeks New South China Sea Remedies: The Philippines can seek to cancel China’s rights to its seabed if Beijing continues to ignore The Hague’s July ruling

-(News 29/08) Prominent columnist says China’s rise to power can no longer be seen as friendly: China may be ramping up its attempt to reclaim the Scarborough Shoal, a key disputed territory in the South China Sea-(Nikkei 29/08) Majority of Japanese want harder line against China: Some 55% of Japanese say the government should take a harsher stance against China, whose ships have sailed into Japan's territorial waters on multiple occasions recently.

-(SCMP 29/08) China says its latest generation surface-to-air missile system is combat ready: Technology forms part of PLA’s air defences and announcement comes amid row over South Korea’s decision to deploy missile defence shield

-(Inquirer 29/08) Expert: New China-backed trade route to benefit PH: One of China’s leading economists made a fresh pitch for closer economic ties with the Philippines and other neighbors in the region, while pushing forward an agenda for a new Silk Road.

-(Atimes 29/08) Duterte wants to set aside ruling on South China Sea — for now; -(thejakartapost 29/08) Duterte to Chinese envoy: Treat us as your brothers, not enemies: But he said he won’t flaunt the sea ruling yet.

-(Newsweek 28/08) Is Laos Shifting Allegiances From China to Vietnam and the U.S.?: The country's new leaders appear ready to tilt away from Beijing and lean more closely toward another neighbor.

-(Todayonline 28/08) South China Sea ruling: Turning point in Chinese foreign policy? Beijing have choices to make as to how much power they could employ in handling the disputes and what can be done to significantly mitigate the negative ramifications of the disputes in China’s foreign relations.

-(Japantimes 28/08) Abe-Xi meeting takes shape despite deep tensions with Beijing: Analysts say if the two countries have created a conciliatory atmosphere it is not because they are narrowing their differences but because they both want the G-20 summit to be a success.

-(Japantimes 28/08) U.S. troubles with election and TPP could embolden China in Asia: If TPP fails, “it will encourage them to think that America is not willing to pay the costs and risks required to push back against it, and that will encourage China to test it.”

-(Infowars 28/08) US, China Prepare for Electronic Warfare Standoff in South China Sea: Both the US and China appear ready and willing to engage in a contest of electronic warfare capabilities

-(SCMP 28/08) Why China’s G20 is the moment of truth for the Asian giants: Diplomats are pushing to ensure leaders of China, Japan and South Korea meet on the summit sidelines in Hanzhou. Succeed and great things beckon – fail and tensions are likely to fester


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